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Optical inspection, length measurement and printers

As a manufacturer of equipment for the wire, cable, pipe and tube industry, Taymer International has built a range of solutions to reduce cost to customers on the production line. With more than 50 years' experience producing machines for the global wire and cable industry, Taymer has developed equipment including optical quality inspection systems, accurate length measurement machines, and printers designed to meet specific needs.

The company's camera vision systems include surface defect inspection, print verification, color verification, dimensional control and product characteristic comparison.

Taymer's experience stems from the wire and cable industry, and the detection of small defects at very high speeds on continuous products. For the last 20 years, this knowledge has been applied and developed into numerous new applications, ranging from catheter inspection to liquid level control, and from offline parts inspection to in-line optical character recognition on labelled packages.

The SI3100 surface inspection system is an advanced tool for operators to completely ensure the cable jacket is defect-free on high-speed production lines. The SI series has been designed to capture, analyse and judge every square millimeter of the product, using different camera configurations to adapt to specific requirements.

Surface Inspectors are used on products such as cable jackets, pipes, tubes, bar stocks and water soluble tapes with detectable surface defects including pinholes, bulges, neckdowns, surface blemishes, discolorations, tape mis-wrapping, wrinkles and tears.

The Print View 1400 allows operators to verify and guarantee print quality on high-speed production lines. It uses high-speed digital imaging to capture real-time images of cable markings. These images are enhanced, magnified and displayed on a monitor, enabling the operator to set up and monitor cable printers before poor print causes expensive waste. The operator's console can be located up to 60m from the image capture station, allowing one operator to supervise two or three lines simultaneously.