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Performance yarns

Fil-Tec, Inc offers a complete line of performance yarns for applications in power cables, copper and fiber-optic telecom and specialty cables. Products include binder yarns with water blocking; non-wicking, flame-retardant/low-smoke finishes; core yarns; ripcords; filler yarns; marker yarns; and fiberglass reinforcement yarns.

The company's newest products are dry core yarn for dry core cable designs; virtually dustless water-blocking binder yarns for high speed; and a line of water-blocking yarns for power cable applications.

Fil-Tec’s water-swellable binder and core (wrap around the FRP) yarns offer the benefits that include low dust — extending the life of bearings and other moving parts of the equipment; less downtime due to mechanical maintenance related to SAP dust problems; less clean-up time; and a cleaner working environment for the operator.

The technology produces a water-swellable binder with higher yield. Having more meters per package allows longer runs without a break and a more efficient stranding process overall. The system can run at 5,000 rpm without unwanted vibration.

Various swell factors give design engineers the flexibility to choose the size yarn and swell factor that best suits the cable.