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Fully traceable die measurement

Conoptica's new CU6S drawing die measurement system completes the CU6 series of systems, alongside the regular CU6 and the faster CU6X.

The CU6S is slightly faster than the company's CU11 ultra-fast model, completing a measurement in just under seven seconds. In this short time the system measures the diameter, ovality, bearing length and reduction cone angle of the drawing die. The regular CU6 needs close to 35 seconds for the same job, while the CU6X takes 22 seconds. All other parameters, such as accuracy and repeatability, are the same for all three models — the only difference is the speed.

Conoptica says that there are two main categories of customer who will benefit from the new system. The first is wire producers who outsource their die re-polishing, but use a lot of dies every day. The CU6S will provide these users with a tool to keep internal control over the size and other parameters of the die before taking it to production. The other category is large die shops, which will benefit from having this system as a tool to use during polishing, before the final control (which should be done on a CU11 series system).

As with all Conoptica systems, the CU6S's measurements are fully traceable. The system is delivered with a calibration certificate documenting the traceability. Conoptica Measurement Report is available from the CU6 systems as well as the CU11 and CU20 systems. This report is a true documentation of the parameters of a drawing die.