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Northern milestone

Broadband for the Rural North Ltd (B4RN), a fiber optic network run by a local team of volunteers in the north of England, and Emtelle, a manufacturer of pre-connectorized, blown fiber cabling, have celebrated the installation of five million meters of Emtelle ducting solutions.

With Emtelle's technical support, B4RN has been building its own fiber network since 2011. Speaking of the milestone, Barry Forde, CEO at B4RN, said: It has been a pleasure to work with Emtelle over the past nine years ... From supplying five million meters of ducts to providing ongoing technical support, this strong relationship has allowed us to seamlessly connect thousands of homes and businesses across rural parts of Lancashire, Cumbria and Yorkshire. We look forward to ramping up our network deployments to bring more outstanding broadband to more rural communities.

Emtelle and B4RN have used FibreFlow™ for the remote FTTP customers that B4RN needed to connect, with Emtelle's 7mm microducts being installed to the home from the bundle at the access chamber, while the 16mm microducts are used to provide large fiber count cables for B4RN's backbone network. Emtelle provides product training and customer support to B4RN volunteers to deploy the microducts, ensuring the whole project has remained within the community.