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Fort Wayne Wire Die, Inc

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Fort Wayne Wire Die, Inc was founded in 1937 as a manufacturer of precision single-crystal natural-diamond dies. The product line expanded to now include polycrystalline diamond dies, tungsten carbide dies, shaped profile dies, extrusion tips and dies, and other wear parts for the wire industry.

The company also provides re-cutting and reconditioning services for diamond and carbide dies, and supplies new and re-cut matched elongation die sets for high speed, multi-wire drawing machines. A complete line of equipment for die maintenance, measurement and inspection of wire drawing dies allows it to offer customers worldwide the necessary equipment and tools to operate an in-house re-cutting service.

The standard product line includes single-crystal natural-diamond wire dies featuring X-ray orientation and optimum accuracy and surface polish from 0.0075 to 2.9mm (0.0003" to 0.114"). Polycrystalline diamond (Poly-Di) dies for maximum die life are available in sizes from 0.023 to 24mm (0.009" to 0.95").

Tungsten carbide dies are available for both round hole and shaped profile, in the standard R-Series nibs from R-2 to R-19, and also as rough core or finished in hole sizes from 0.2 to 76mm (0.008" to 3"). Extrusion tips are precision custom-manufactured in single-crystal diamond or polycrystalline diamond with guaranteed concentricity to 0.0002" TIR (0.005mm). Tips and dies are also available in tungsten carbide or tool steel.

Other services and products include re-cutting services for single-crystal diamond dies, polycrystalline diamond dies or tungsten carbide dies; matched elongation die service; dual-draw dies that allow single-wire machines to double productivity; special wear parts made to customer specifications, including bunching and stranding dies, cut-off dies and shaving dies; and custom-made shaped wire dies (polycrystalline diamond or tungsten carbide) in a wide variety of shapes, including half-round, oval, hexagon, rectangle, triangle, square and flat.