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Hazardous chemical labeling operations assessment

Reliance Label Solutions, a specialist in manufacturing hazardous container labels for the petroleum, chemical and environmental industries, has introduced a new program to help companies streamline their chemical labeling operations.

Called the GHS LABEL Profile — short for Leading Assessment for Best Practices and Efficacy of Labels — the technical inspection service provides an expert-driven assessment to help ensure that companies handling and labeling hazardous chemicals follow compliance best practices.

GHS LABEL Profile creates an accessible labeling safety and standardization platform between chemical companies and labeling compliance experts. Reliance Label's team can engage with chemical companies to determine their most pressing labeling compliance challenges, and then conduct an on-site assessment, followed by a comprehensive report that offers practical improvements, where appropriate.

Reliance Label's portfolio of hazardous container labeling solutions is designed to withstand harsh environments. In addition to chemical drum labeling solutions that meet stringent GHS, HazCom and IMDG labeling requirements, the company offers labeling-adjacent GHS-compliant solutions such as printing software, color printers and printer consumables.

The GHS LABEL Profile appraisals also include a weighted average that highlights any areas particularly at risk of non-compliance. Several manufacturing, warehousing and logistical scenarios can be assessed, including labeling application infrastructure maintenance, storage temperature and humidity, and other issues that can adversely affect label performance.

Our new GHS LABEL Profile comprises a confidential all-things-label health check-up for companies handling hazardous chemicals, said Troy Lucas, product engineer for Reliance Label Solutions. Our chemical customers intimately understand that labeling environmentally sensitive materials is far more complex than a quick print-and-apply. In this industry, labels and their application techniques must stand up to exceptionally tough conditions, and this is our way of standing with our customers to best ensure compliance and overall labeling success.