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Taymer International Inc
Stand: 09 D06-2

For more than six decades, Taymer International has been manufacturing equipment for the wire and cable industry, fibre optics and medical manufacturing. The company offers an extensive range of solutions designed to provide user-friendly, reliable equipment that maximises production.

The range includes optical quality inspection systems, accurate length measuring machines, and various cable printers, tailored to meet the needs of customers across different industries.

The surface inspection series is engineered to capture, analyse and evaluate every square millimetre of a product's surface. The series employs different camera configurations customised to the specific requirements of each product, enabling vision-based surface inspections to detect defects, perform print and colour verification, control dimensions and compare product characteristics.

Taymer's hot foil printers are designed for efficiency and ease, allowing operators to focus on fulfilling customer orders with reliable, durable and legible print. The company also offers print verification systems that can be seamlessly combined with print production. These systems, with the standard operation of print verification, can be enhanced with machine learning software such as optical character recognition (OCR), further enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

The development of optical character recognition software enables the transcription of printed defects in real time. The software allows operators to promptly identify and address issues.