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Reelex Packaging Solutions, Inc
Stand: 09 F06-1

At wire 2024 in Düsseldorf, Germany, Reelex will debut the new S320e multi-product combination spooler/Reelex machine, which features the capability to wind spools, Reelex coils and other linear winding patterns.

The S320e represents the latest in Reelex's new equipment and coiling technologies, and allows the user to make reels, spools, Reelex or linear coils all on one machine, via a programmable variable traverse. Bolt-on custom shafts accommodate a variety of spool sizes, and quick-change mandrels allow a wide variety of cable sizes to be wound in Reelex form.

Featuring an ISO-standard safety design, physical safety cage, interlocks, safety PLC and Category 4 devices, the S320e can be used safely by both experienced and novice operators in distribution or manufacturing operations.