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Nordson Measurement & Control Solutions
Stand: 11 D68

Nordson Measurement & Control Solutions, formerly NDC Technologies, will be displaying several products at wire 2024. Visitors to the Nordson M&CS (Beta LaserMike Products) stand will see first-hand how precise, reliable measurements along the critical points in the cable extrusion process can help manufacturers improve product quality and increase productivity.

Product introductions will include the new UltraScan DSP Pro embedded webserver. The DSP Pro's embedded webserver is new software that is integrated within Nordson's UltraScan Pro ultrasonic gauge, providing critical measurement data on product centring, wall thickness, eccentricity, diameter and ultrasonic wall echo waveforms.

All of this information enables operators to set up their extruded products quickly, and to monitor that the product meets specifications. The webserver can be paired with external laser OD measurements, line speed (encoder/LaserSpeed) and other discrete digital inputs/outputs to create a comprehensive system.

This capability eliminates the need for a PC-based control application or separate controller, enhancing UltraScan's ease of use. Other features include product recipe creation and storage, settings configuration — including tolerance limits, internally stored manual and Fieldbus files, and internal diagnostics capabilities.

At Stand D68 in Hall 11, visitors will also have the opportunity to see:

  • LaserSpeed Pro M Series — a non-contact length and speed gauge for measuring moving, bouncing products
  • AccuScan 6000 Series — a four-axis scanning diameter and ovality gauge
  • AccuScan Pro — a versatile single-axis gauge with multi-strand wire inspection
  • SmartTemp — the latest intelligent preheating solution
  • BenchMike Pro — off-line diameter and ovality sample part inspection system
  • LN3000 Series — high-accuracy, three-axis lump and neckdown detection
  • InControl/DataPro — advanced process visualisation and control