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Controle Mesure Systemes
Stand: 11 C01

Controle Mesure Systemes, a France-based company and a key member of the CMS Group, which includes Sofratest and American subsidiary CMS Inc, specialises in the design and manufacture of non-destructive testing solutions utilising eddy current and ultrasonic technologies for a wide range of applications.

Since its establishment in 1988, CMS has delivered innovative and accurate turnkey systems that are adaptable, durable, repeatable and traceable. All of the company's inspection systems are tailored to meet the requirements and applications of its customers.

CMS offers specialised eddy current NDT systems designed specifically for wire inspection. The TRVC rotating head is installed directly on the production line and allows inspection of a diameter range from 0.8 to 10mm (0.031 to 0.375"). It performs the detection of surface or subsurface longitudinal defects at high speed on circular products such as wires.

The product moves in translation through the rotating head, while eddy current probes rotate around the product contactlessly. The inspection is carried out with a helical pitch and the results are displayed in real time on the instrument screen.

CMS also offers a wide range of RotoETscan equipment for the inspection of larger circular parts such as tubes and bars made of ferrous or non-ferrous materials.

The company's coil support ensures accurate positioning of encircling coils for the detection of surface and subsurface short and transverse defects on non-magnetic products such as wires, tubes and bars. The coil support can perform inspection on products with diameters ranging from 0.1 to 230mm (0.004 to 9"). In case of flaw detection, the coil's impedance varies. The results are displayed live in a time-based and/or a Lissajous figure.

CMS designs and manufactures its own eddy current probes in-house, providing the flexibility to tailor them according to customers' specific needs.